About Karin Borland

Painter and textile artist

When I was growing up my two passions in life were, and probably still are, nature and art. After playing outside I would always rush to look up the plants, birds or insects I’d just seen, in the only nature identification we had at that time, the AA Book of The Road! Upon leaving school I had to make the excrutiatingly difficult choice between art and science and finally decided to pursue a degree in Zoology, along the way studying Geology, Botany and Biology. However, the desire to make and create never went away and I finally got the opportunity to study art as a mature student completing an Art Foundation course and HNC Design Crafts at North Oxfordshire College.

My process

I work in both textiles and mixed media painting and although these media are seemingly quite different they both have something in common – the build-up and removal of layers.

My textile process involves creating unique hand painted papers and fabrics which are then collaged together. Despite not being able to sew a straight line in Home Economics at school I now love to draw with my sewing machine. People often don’t realise at first that the line drawings are actually stitched. Layers can also be cut away to reveal what is underneath.

My paintings are mostly acrylic, sometimes involving collage and other mixed media techniques. Layers of paint are built up, some translucent some thicker and more opaque, and these are often wiped back or dissolved to reveal details and patterns beneath. Whilst my textiles are often muted in colour my paintings are often rich and vibrant in colour.

I also make bags and beads and jewellery with my painted textiles.

Work Experience

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